Capt. Girish Chandra Pandey

imageCapt. G. C. Pandey is a commercial Pilot engaged in Air Charter services to operate helicopters and fixed wing aircraft for corporate and state governments. With over 27 years of aviation experience in various top management capacities, he manages the Operations, Finance, and Maintenance etc.

Charter business in India is witnessing an upsurge in innovative ways it is put to use. Apart from corporate charters, these aircraft are used by foreign tourists, VIPs and for missions such as medical evacuation, agricultural spraying, film shooting, heli-tourism, adventure sports, heli-skiing, off-shore logistics, electronic news gathering, geo-physical surveys, aerial investigation and other customized applications such as political campaigns, golfing/fishing trips and search operations.
Bill Gates and Steven Seagel used them to travel within the country when they visited India. Media crew flew in them to reach the devastated sites when Gujarat was rocked. Charters have come as a boon for those who are always ahead of time. Rather than remaining dependent on conventional airline schedules, they give flexibility to fly anytime and anywhere across the country. Emergency medical evacuation is increasing in demand as people with money and resources are opting for the best and speedy ways to reach quality medical aid.
Increasingly, more and more charter services are being used for tourist purposes. There are several high-spending tourists for whom waiting at the departure and arrival lounges of airports is not acceptable. For such groups looking for a weekend getaway, hiring their own aircraft means that the comfort and hassle-free convenience compensates for the extra cost. The trend has caught only now in India, though the number of such cases is impressive and growing.
To add further, a new trend is emerging in the Indian market wherein charter flights are being booked on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, marriage anniversaries etc. for pleasure. The civil aviation sector in India has undergone some significant developments/ transformation. The important developments are:

  • The Government considerably disengaged itself from commercial operations of airlines.
  • The Government encouraged an increase in the role of the private sector in order to bridge the resource gap as well as to bring greater efficiency.

To cater to the growing demand of the public, Private/Public Air Carriers are augmenting their fleet; corporate houses are purchasing new aircraft to enhance their fleet, yet it is falling short of the growing market demand.

With the present enhanced project, M/S SAR Aviation Services Private Limited proposes to operate Non-Schedule flights to and from places which are commercially/ strategically important but not extremely well connected by the Scheduled/Non Scheduled operators. The base/s of operations will be at Dehradun airport as well as Delhi airport and flights will be at short notice to destinations around Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, U.P. etc. The proposed operations will promote tourism in these regions. We also propose to tap the demand for Agricultural spraying, Air Ambulance and emergency evacuation, which has hitherto been neglected by most of the operators.